MCT oil powder, the name itself can give an idea of a fat source dietary ingredient. Our traditional mentality does not consider that the fat-rich diet could be healthy. But fat is an essential macronutrient of a balanced diet, which supplies adequate energy (approx 9 kcal/g) to perform our daily functioning. The energy obtained from fat is double than the carbohydrate and protein-containing foods. Triglycerides present in MCT oil powder is a natural form of the basic dietary fats, which has a faster hydrolysis and absorption rate than other fat-containing products

Advantage of MCT oil powder as a Ketogenic diet

High-fat with low-carbohydrate containing diet is termed as ketogenic diets, which generates ketones. Low carbohydrate-containing diet insufficient to supply glucose (the carbohydrate which acts as an instant source of energy) to the central nervous system and alternative fuel supply required to fulfill the demand. You are recommended to take MCT oil powder as it can provide three-fold more calorie supply than carbohydrates. The better absorption rate MCT than other fat-containing foods can compensate for the demand and can manage the energy deficit condition almost immediately. Dietary MCTs supply sufficient amount of ketones in the blood and also promotes ketogenesis. The minimum dose of MCTs allows the achievement of ketosis. 

Health benefits of MCT oil powder

● MCT facilitates certain mineral absorption including calcium. Therefore, the chances of calcium deficiency and associated disorders like the reduction of bone density, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis can be prevented. 

● MCT oil powder supplement does not interfere with the gallbladder emptying rate or pancreatic enzyme secretion. Therefore, this is a good dietary supplement to maintain energy requirements of individuals who are suffering from lack of energy due to digestive tract disorder or impaired fat absorption disorder. 

● MCT oil powder supplement can be recommended for patients with short bowel syndrome, aggravated Crohn’s disease, coeliac disease, and post bowel transplantation to supply them adequate nutrition and maintain the energy level.

● MCT supplement is recommended for the management of gastrointestinal disorders, such as steatorrhea occurs due to pancreatic insufficiency, chyle leaks. 

● MCT oil effectively reduces obesity by inducing thermogenesis and satiety.  MCT induces satiety by altering certain hormonal functioning, including cholecystokinin, gastric inhibitory peptide, peptide YY, pancreatic polypeptide, and neurotensin.  Animal and human research study reported Medium-chain fatty acids present in MCT oil powder supplement increases postprandial energy expenditure andpotentially benefited for weight loss. 

● MCT oil powder supplement can reduce hyperlipidemia, which improves hearthealth. 

● MCT oil powder based ketogenic diet has neuroprotective effects as it acts as an alternative fuel, which supply and maintain energy level in brain tissue and other parts of the central nervous system. A human trial conducted on 20 Japanese Alzheimer's disease patients having mild to moderate symptoms to check the efficacy of MCT oil supplement against Alzheimer's disease. After 12 week supplementation, research result showed a positive response of study participants by improving verbal memory and brain processing speed. 

● The MCT ketogenic diet has a direct inhibitory effect on glutamate receptors (AMPA receptors). Thus alter the cellular energy level through mitochondrial biogenesis. Researchers reported that MCT oil supplement has followed this mechanism to block the epileptic seizure attack and also raise the threshold of a seizure attack.

● Researchers also expect that MCT oil powder as a ketogenic diet may also have therapeutic benefit against type 2 diabetes and cancer. MCT ketogenic diet inhibits AMPA receptors activity, which suppress the cancer cell proliferation and mitigation. In addition, MCTs also diminish insulin resistance and enhance glucose tolerance in type 2 diabetic patients.