Innerbio Certifications

GMP – Good Manufacturing Practices

GMP certification verifies that all required practices necessary for an effective food safety program are being followed. It addresses hygiene in all aspects of the manufacturing process, including premises and equipment, primary production, packaging, warehousing, distribution, pest control and waste management, as well as routine personal hygiene of personnel.

Certificate No. : RG91/UA/G1/2471

HACCP – Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points

HACCP based Food Safety Management System registration and certification verifies that World Health Organization standards are met in the management of food safety and hygiene. The HACCP-based Food Safety Management System Registration is based on the “criteria for assessment of an operational HACCP system”. It is an accredited registration scheme for assessing the operational status and performance of a HACCP-based Food Safety Management System to ensure the safety of foodstuffs. Organizations that successfully complete the assessment earn both a highly regarded HACCP certificate and registration. This acts as an assurance to consumers, retailers, governmental authorities and other interested parties that they may trust the way that the organization controls food safety and food hygiene.

ISO 22000: 2005

Internationally, there is no better guarantee than ISO Certification in earning the buyer’s confidence and recognition for a product. The certification ensures vital features such as quality, ecology, safety, economy, reliability, compatibility, inter-operability, efficiency and effectiveness. It also facilitates trade, spreads knowledge, and leads to the sharing of technological advances and good management practices. These standards help achieve benefits for all three dimensions of sustainable development – economic, environmental and social.

Certificate No. : RF91/JA/G/2471,     JAS-ANZ Accreditation No: M4430310IC

USDA – United States Department of Agriculture

The USDA organic certification verifies that all United States Department of Agriculture regulations, requirements and specifications are adhered to. It covers a wide range of detailed monitoring and control measures. It is one of the most comprehensive and demanding certification systems to ensure absolute commitment to Organic Certification qualifications as established by the United States Department of Agriculture.

EU Organic Certification

The EU organic logo guarantees that the product in question complies with the common European organic food standards. Consumers buying products bearing this logo can be confident that at least 99% of the product’s ingredients have been organically produced, that the product complies with the rules of the official inspection scheme, it has come directly from the producer or the preparer in a sealed package and that it bears the name of the producer, the preparer or vendor and the name or code of the inspection body.