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Our Story

Our Story

We are Inner Bio.

The World's favourite MCT and Vegan - Omega Supplements.

We are on a mission

Everyone has the freedom to feel fit and active, and good health begins with having the right nutrition you want when you want it. It’s the secret ingredient of our products, and it strengthens our belief that the best diet makes you livelier, put your body in control, and brings out the best in you. That’s why we committed ourselves to produce affordable supplements that empower people with confidence and have a significant influence on oneself and their communities.

Why Inner Bio

We're more than just a nutrition company. We've got goals, desires, and dreams, just like you and everyone else. We want to be innovative and revolutionize the nutrition industry and make significantly great contributions to this society and its diet plans.

Driven by motivation, we know our supplements change lives. So we strive continuously to provide the best nutrition you deserve.


Our Story

How it all started?

Twelve years ago, we realized how Nutri-rich supplements can transform the way of living. With not many affordable low carb diet supplements in the market, we dedicated ourselves to fulfil the need. Since then, we never looked back.

How we do it?

For over a decade, we have been doing it the same way: innovate, be authentic, make the best supplement in the market, treat customers like family, change their lives, have an impact on the world, be grateful, give back and thrive ahead.

What are our values?

We have pledged to cultivate healthy living and create a positive change in society. Discover what drives us.

What are we proud of?

We're authentic, and we try to infuse innovation. We improve the quality of our products continuously based on genuine research and our customer feedbacks. We want to deliver the perfect supplement that fits straightaway in every diet plan. Otherwise, what's the point?

Our customers love us

We are part of the diet recipe of thousands of health aspirants out there.

Check what some of them have to say about us.