We know beetroot comes under superfood. The attractive color and fibrous nature of this vegetable have amazing health benefits packed in its root. Beetroot salad, boiled beetroot, beetroot juice are all common recipes. But we may not be able to consume such recipes due to time-crunch, or bored with a bland taste. Beetroot keto latte is an instant recipe which you cannot resist yourself to drink every day due to its taste and flavor.

What makes Beetroot keto latte delicious?

If you drink Beetroot keto latte at once, you can identify it's taste is different from any other regular beetroot powder containing health-drink. In this formulation Beetroot is a primary ingredient, along with this ginger powder, cinnamon powder, pepper powder, pepper extract add some spicy taste with an aromatic flavor. The sweetness of this formula does not come from any simple sugar or artificial sweetener. Monk fruit extract- powder, coconut water powder, coconut sugar are natural sugar sources, which satisfy your taste bud without spike blood sugar level. Coconut milk powder (vegan), coconut MCT oil, organic rice maltodextrin- maltrin OR and xanthan gum (200 mesh) able to increase the texture of the latte preparation. This is the completely dairy-free product,which is suitable for those who have lactose intolerance. Another superfood Moringa Leaf Extract is also added to increase its nutritional value. But, manufacturer of this latter very much concerns about hedonism (the enjoyment of food intake) and add everyone's favorite organic vanilla powder, which is universally accepted, flavoring agent.

What are the benefits you can obtain by introducing Beetroot keto latte?

Beetroot keto latte is not only a delicious instant drink preparation, which only satisfies your hunger, but it has lots of health benefits. Following are the health benefits you can obtain from this keto latte:

  • Delay aging process 
  • Betalain is the pigment present in the beetroot, which has potent antioxidant properties  and prevents oxidative stress.
  • Antioxidants delay the aging process by preventing cellular and genetic changes accelerate due to oxidative injury. 
  • Prevention from neurodegenerative diseases
  • Alzheimer’s disease is quite common neurodegenerative diseases nowadays. You may think that how Beetroot keto latte can

prevent this dangerous disease?

But most of the ingredients like Beetroot, Moringa of this formulation contains bioactive phytochemicals flavonoids, carotenoids.  They have gut-brain interactions and researchers found that these components have the potential to prevent Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative diseases. Increase stamina The composition of this keto latte gives you energy, which increases your stamina which lasts all day. Many ingredients of this product, including Moringa, acts as an energy source and reduce fatigue. Whereas, Beetroot acts as a stress reliever. Normalize blood pressure High blood pressure is often considered as a silent killer, but as it affects many vital organs, including heart, kidney, etc. It is essential to normalize the blood pressure. Beetroot is considered as a functional food due to many of its health benefits, including antihypertensive. Skincare is not the only external application of cosmetics, but skin beauty is hidden internally. The vitamin and mineral composition present in the added plant products in this keto latte improves softness and firmness of the skin. You can obtain sufficient sulfur from this keto latte, which is essential for skin collagen and keratin synthesis. 

How to take Beetroot keto latte?

Beetroot keto latte is readily mixed with warm and hot water. Mix 3 tablespoon Beetroot keto latte powder in 230 ml of water and enjoy the drink. In summer you can add ice and blend the drink properly to get an instant energy source.