You may be surprised that we are recommending an oil as a weight loss regimen! But this is not a gimmick that MCT oil has the potency to reduce your body fat. It has scientific evidential support which explained how it works. You will change your traditional point of view after reading this article. You could understand MCT oil is not an ordinary fat-rich oil.

Why does MCT oil recommend for weight loss?

Dietary fat intake is always common blame of obesity, as most of the fat-containing diet deposited in the adipose tissue present in our muscle. But all fats do not equally affect your body as their metabolic effects are different. Here, 'MCT' stands for medium-chain triglycerides. The length of the fatty acid chain varies from oil to oil. The chain length of MCT oil lies below 10 unit, which is quite lower than other oils including olive oil.

MCT oil does not deposit into adipose tissue. The medium-chain fatty acid-containing triglycerides present in this oil have a greater metabolic rate. They directly absorb in the gastrointestinal tract and reach the liver through the portal circulation. Therefore, the inclusion of MCT oil does not cause weight gain.

The involve mechanism of action is medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) increase fat oxidation and generate heat (thermogenesis), which helps to reduce fat deposition in the body tissues. MCT oil also improves satiety by raising peptide YY and leptin hormone levels, which reduce food craving.

If you believe in the keto diet, MCT oil is a good option to involve in your ketogenic diet. MCT oil increase fat burning and convert fat to ketones through ketosis.

The advantages of MCT oil

Following are different advantages

● MCT oil is a low-calorie fatty acid source and enhances the energy-burning capacity

● Provide a feeling of appetite fullness

● Reduce food intake

● Significantly lower waist circumference and reduce body weight

● MCT oil supports gut-friendly bacterial growth and provides a healthy gut environment, which is important to maintain proper body weight.

Evidential support

Both animal and human trial research evidence support MCT oil as a weight loss regimen.

Following are some trial results which had proven its efficacy:

● In 2003, Obesity research published clinical trial result reported medium-chain triglycerides is effective to reduce body weight after completion of 4 weeks regimen. 

● In 2008, a clinical trial conducted on 49 overweight men and women to compare the efficacy of MCT oil and Olive oil concluded that MCT oil inclusion in weight loss diet          plan gives better result than olive oil. 

● In 2014, European Journal of Clinical Nutrition also reported consumption of MCT oil could acutely reduce food intake.

● Recently, in 2017, MCT oil containing smoothie is a very good morning breakfast option to reduce the macronutrients containing food intake throughout the day, as it

provides satiety. 

I hope the above mentioned precise scientific-based explanation helps to motivate you to incorporate MCT oil in your daily diet as a fitness regimen.