We should maintain 'sport's man spirit' mentally and physically to achieve our target. Chronic fatigue condition often blocks this struggling journey and delay our progress. Many of us use different health supplements to fight against chronic fatigue condition and to enhance our endurance. Recently, MCT protein powder is one of the most converse health supplements due to its multiple health benefits.

Fats and fitness is the most appealing property of MCT protein powder. Three fatty acids and a glycerol backbone based triglycerides containing Medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) is a unique nutritional composition found in different natural food sources like coconut oil, palm kernel oil, desiccated coconut, and raw coconut fruit.  But nowadays, MCTs have different supplement brands. MCT protein powder is one of the well-accepted MCTs supplements available in Inner bio organic MCT supplement company.

MCT protein powder for physical endurance

● In 2018, Ying Wanget. al. conducted animal research to evaluate the efficacy of MCT to improve exercise performance. In this research, the researchers observed that MCT supplementation improved exercise performance by activating glucose and lipid metabolism pathways and mitochondrial biogenesis in the skeletal muscles.  Mitochondria acts as a cellular storehouse of energy. Therefore, mitochondrial biogenesis in the skeletal muscles provides continual energy supply during physical exercise to improve the performance. 

● This study result also reported that the MCT supplement works better in stressful conditions. For example, hot environments when physical stamina become down, MCT supplement can preserve heat stress-induced- exercise performance, though it may not work in normal condition. Researchers expected that MCT prevents dehydration and weight loss during heat stress and may also improve muscle mass.

● MCT converts to ketones in the liver, which is utilized as muscle fuel during physical activity. Unlike other fat, MCT oxidized in the muscle and provide a rapid supply of fuel. 

● The potent antioxidant property of MCT lower the accumulation of reactive oxygen species in muscle tissue and prevents the damage induced by oxidative damage in skeletal muscle. 

● MCT increases insulin sensitivity and glucose utilization in skeletal muscle and maintains the energy level. 

● MCT supplementation helps in also tissue repairing process and generate energy (ATP) by modulating TGF-β signaling pathway. 

● A human trial results published in the Journal of Nutrition reported that the combination of 6gm MCTs with leucine-rich amino acids and vitamin D may improve muscle strength and function in elderly individuals having a poor health condition.

● Detrimental weight gain or obesity due to fat deposition in the muscle is often associated with a reduction of physical endurance. Both animal and human research studies showed that supplementation of MCT increases energy expenditure and burns body fat by facilitating fat oxidation induces weight loss. The mechanism of thermogenesis property of medium-chain triglycerides may achieve by sympathetic stimulation of brown adipose tissue deposited in the muscle. 

MCT protein powder for mental health

Our brain requires maximum energy supply for its optimum functioning. MCTs supplementation is recommended to provide continuous fuel supply to brain tissue via the generation of ketones. 

The above mentioned evidential support may convince you why you should add MCT protein powder supplement to keep yourself active enough for a whole day to perform your work efficiently.